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2010 Grand Prix Age Groups
"Run With Fast Friends"
CTC Grand Prix Rules for 2010

Eligibility:  Only CTC members will be awarded points.  Members joining CTC during the year will be awarded
points only in events after their membership is received before the 1st midnight after the race.  To be eligible for
a Grand Prix Award, a member must finish at least half the Grand Prix events for the year.  If there is an odd
number of races, the next lower even number of races will be used to determine eligibility.

Age Groups: The runner's age as of January 1, 2010 will be the Grand Prix Age for the year.
The age groups, male and female, are:

29 and Under
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59

Points:  Age Group Place          1st          2nd        3rd        4th      5th      Finish

                                              10            8            6          4          2            1

Events:  Grand Prix events will be all road races (running only) administered by CTC, selected cross country
races, and any other races designated by the Grand Prix Committee.

Awards:  Awards will be given in each age group based on the highest cumulative scores.  Each age group where
there is a qualifying participant will receive a 1st place award.  Each subsequent place awards are based on the
total number of points by the group (which rewards participation).  Awards not given due to lack of qualifying
participants are added to the pool of awards of qualifying participants.

Tiebreakers:  1st   Highest number of races completed
                    2nd    Head to head competition in common races
                    3rd    Lowest total time in common races
Last modified: April 5, 2010
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Postal address . . . POB 802. . . Chalmette LA  70044 . . .USA

Electronic  mail:

Phil Gioia  Phone 504-912-2675
Vice Pres.:
Don Brinkman Phone 504-733-7432
Eve Kazik
Treasurer: Hector Perez
Webmaster: Buster Matthews
The CTC Grand Prix has been resurrected and the rules and age groups have changed to reflect the
latest demographics. Race age groups may differ from GP age groups to reflect race participation.